old laptop -> digital picture frame – part 2

I reverted my wifi security to WEP from WPA so I could get wifi working on every computer.

With networking in place, I can have control over the digital picture frame remotely. I fixed a couple bugs in the view-slideshow script and added some stuff so it can now be easily controlled from another computer. It now checks /mnt/ramdisk for the following files: display-slideshow, shutdown-now and quit-view-slideshow-script. If any file called display-slideshow exists, the script will (re)run fbi. If the file is not there, it’ll kill any instances of fbi. If the file shutdown-now is there, it’ll initiate a computer shutdown.

Further, I wrote three simple scripts on the other computer so controlling it is as simple as possible. frame_off is to shutdown the digital picture frame, frame_blank is to have it display a blank screen and frame_on is to turn the slideshow on after having been blanked.


One Response to “old laptop -> digital picture frame – part 2”

  1. Cars Says:

    just passing thru….

    Gotta love yahoo, very neat website. Thanks alot….

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