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powerpc mac mini interconnect board


My girlfriend’s computer is a powerpc mac mini she bought off of ebay last year. The other day, she rebooted for a security update and it wouldn’t boot back up. Turn it off, turn it on, it goes bing and then shows a greyish blue screen and then does nothing. Turn it off, wait a while, turn it on, same thing. So we look on teh internets for similar symptoms, there’s some posts about an osx update from 2 years ago causing something similar and a post from powermac days that sounded vaguely similar, but neither one led to any fix on this computer. So she called the local apple store and hit the button for tech support and was transferred to apple care (she doesn’t have apple care coverage). So they took her name and address and asked what the problem was and they very politely said give us $50 for this incident for this month, and if that doesn’t fix it, we’re gonna want $50 more next month for the same problem we didn’t fix. That sounds great, she though! Just kidding. The apple care person did get us a reservation at the apple store for some free help, though. We went down and the guy there was very helpful and knowledgeable. He tried all the things we tried (clearing the pram, trying to get it into firewire target mode) and a couple things I couldn’t get to work at home (boot to open firmware) and then some stuff we didn’t think of (using another computer in firewire target mode). But no luck.

read on to find our workaround…